Civil Practice

GideonLaw’s Civil Practice provides full-service representation in state and federal civil litigation and administrative law, including, but not limited to, in these areas:

  • Federal Civil Rights Act litigation
  • Personal injury litigation
  • Civil and supreme court litigation (torts and special proceedings)
  • Judicial Name Change proceedings
  • Environmental Control Board proceedings
  • Juvenile Delinquency proceedings
  • Parole proceedings
  • Inmate disciplinary proceedings
  • Article 78 proceedings

Gideon’s experience with civil litigation and administrative law began at around the same time he grew tall enough to make copies in his parents’ law office, where he spent many weekends copying Environmental Impact Statements and other documents for Save The Pine Bush litigation. STPB called Gideon’s parents’ firm “the best thing that ever happened to the Pine Bush” for its tireless work in defense of the Albany area’s unique pitch pine ecosystem and critical habitat for the Karner Blue Butterfly. SPTB organizers were Gideon’s babysitters and friends growing up.

Gideon’s experience with police brutality and federal civil rights litigation also began in the 1990′s with work on the campaign for justice for Jessie Lee Davis. Jessie was murdered by Albany Police Department officers in his apartment on July 8, 1984.

Gideon has been litigating civil rights cases in state and federal courts since 2004 with a focus on government misconduct and First Amendment cases.

More information about some of the cases Gideon has worked on can be found through exploring the nested pages and elsewhere on this site.